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UNESCO jobs as an opportunity to start a career in an international organization

UNESCO jobs. UNESCO is a specialized UN unit responsible for the development of education, culture, and science around the world. The main goals and objectives of the organization include:

  • strengthening security and peace by expanding the cooperation of peoples and states in the field of culture and science
  • ensuring law and justice
  • ensuring international respect for human rights and freedoms
  • struggling against inequality, etc.

UNESCO jobs can only be obtained through an online application. In it, each candidate must indicate reliable contact information, briefly and clearly tell about his pluses and career achievements, specify the vacancy and place of work (branch). After that, the UNESCO recruitment department selects the most experienced and ambitious applicants to whom an invitation for an interview will be sent. Based on the results of the face-to-face interview, the commission decides on the employment of a specialist for a specific position. If the candidate has successfully passed the interview, but in his or her country, the selected vacancy is occupied, he will be offered a distribution to another state. Sometimes we can talk about a long journey to another continent. In this case, the organization will be required to provide its new employee with an exit visa, local insurance, and a premium for moving.

unesco jobs

Internship Features

If a specialist does not have enough work experience, he or she will be offered an internship. The UNESCO internship program is only valid for undergraduate and graduate students. The number of places in the internship program is strictly limited, so it is open only to the most quick-witted and savvy masters. The duration of the internship is from 2 to 12 weeks. Significantly increases the chances of successful completion of the competition in the internship program compiled by the candidate motivation letter. It helps the admissions committee assess the motivation and goals of the student (graduate). Only applicants who really want to work at UNESCO and benefit the organization are accepted for practice. The more essays impress representatives of the recruitment department, the higher the likelihood of temporary employment.

Requirements for Interns

The recruitment office will consider applications for internship candidates if it:

  • age not less than 20 years;
  • a high level of knowledge of English or French (speech, writing, dialect);
  • good computer skills (office applications, the Internet);
  • developed a collective mindset and adaptation to the international environment;
  • high communication skills, leadership skills.

Important points before the internship

Each future UNESCO intern must take care in advance of obtaining an international visa if it is planned to move to another country. Any trip requires serious preparation and organization. It is important to calculate your financial capabilities in advance, take care of finding a temporary residence, analyze the route to the organization’s office, find out about the location of banks, the nuances of local payment systems, etc.

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