un salary calculator

The UN salary calculator as a tool of motivation

Today there is no such person who would not hear about the activities of the UN. The organization assists the world in various aspects. All workers must follow the UN Charter. Thus, they have the authority to consider the principles of cooperation between states in terms of maintaining peace and security and make appropriate recommendations. Most often this concerns disarmament issues and military conflicts in specific regions. Work at the UN makes it possible to travel around the world without any obstacles. Also, specialists of the UN regularly go on paid business trips. For several years, an employee can visit absolutely all continents of the Earth. This is a great opportunity to learn in the culture of different nations and get acquainted with many interesting people.

un salary calculator

The salaries of UN employees cannot be ignored. The maximum value is strictly classified, but on average a specialist in the analytical department receives about 15-20 thousand dollars a month. This is accompanied by an international visa and a full social package. To understand the exact salary of an employee, you can use the UN salary calculator. Experts in housing and social issues, experts in the field of accounting audit and financial obligations, and experts in the humanitarian field are very much in demand at the UN. All candidates for the above vacancies must be independent experts with vast experience in the relevant specialty.

As for the UN salary calculator, this tool can serve as a kind of motivational lever. After all, with the help of this, you can determine a total sum of money that can get at the end of the month. And if you overestimate the criterion of “work experience”, then the salary will become more. Based on this, a person will begin to work hard to ultimately receive such an amount.

How to get a job at the UN

To get a job, you first need to send an online job application to the UN. The application form should include contact details. Also, it is necessary to attach recommendations and information about their authors. It will not be superfluous to include copies of the diploma and essay in the package of documents, but at this stage, this is not necessary. The most successful and interesting candidates will certainly be invited for an interview. Following the results of the interview, a final decision on employment will be made. Mandatory is higher education in the chosen profession.

At the same time, candidates with relevant work experience of three years or more are accepted for permanent work. If we are talking about international experience, then two years is enough. The candidate must have permission to work in a particular country for a particular profession. Some specialties require an additional international license. Mandatory is the knowledge of French or English. Also, it is important to have a good command of computers and basic application programs.

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