un salary scale

Graduation of UN salary scale

UN salary. A person makes a decision on applying for a job based on the reputation of the organization and the level of salary. Indeed, the work of an employee must be paid adequately. The UN is famous for its special attitude towards employees because all employees perform complex work in order to ensure world peace.

The UN has 4 categories of work. Each category has its own characteristics. Let’s analyze each category.

un salary scale

Professional and higher categories

UN recruits professionals globally. The jobs of professional and higher categories are associated with business trips, cause for solving different issues it’s necessary to be flexible. This category includes experienced workers who are involved in critical projects. Their salary is growing according to their skills.

Field services

Field services staff usually goes on duty travels. This category provides administrative, material, and technical services.

General services

The staff for general services is hired locally, which determines the job obligations and salary. This category includes professionals performing secretarial, administrative, and clerical activities.

National professional officers

National Professional Officers need to be the same highly qualified as employees from the Professional category and to perform the tasks that require high responsibility level. However, experts in this category are Politics, Interpreters, Human rights, and others.

Each category has an entire UN salary scale. The only thing that will help you raise your salary is a hard-working attitude to work and work experience. Since the salary will rise up in proportion to the work experience in the organization.

In order to get a job in the organization and become at the beginning of career growth, you need to take only a couple of steps. First of all, everyone who wants to get a prestigious job in an organization by profession must pass the appropriate exam. If the candidate’s application is interested in the recruitment department, then a recommendation will be sent to him for passing the test. There are general exams, but most often you can talk about a specific area (finance, economics, agriculture, the environment, etc.).If the personnel department has doubts about the linguistic knowledge and skills of the candidate, then he or she will be invited to additionally take the standard international verbal test. Often this applies to English. However, it is recommended that all candidates pass a language exam in advance. This will reduce the time for submitting the final application and will make it possible to interview the employer more likely.

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