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United Nations careers guide

United Nations careers are very diverse. Only a confident specialist can cope with this work. To get a chance to introduce yourself at an interview, you must submit an application with a questionnaire to the appropriate branch or main office. Novice professionals are not advised to swindle right away to leadership positions or to work at headquarters. Such a desire can cause indignation and ridicule in the commission. Only people with vast international experience in the field of tourism are accepted for such positions.

Applications to the UN can be divided into two types: open and closed. In the first case, the candidate fills out the general form, which clearly answers the standard questions posed, and awaits an answer. If in the personnel department, under the skills or knowledge of a specialist, they found some suitable job, then a review or sending of an answer by e-mail takes place. Open applications are accepted primarily as consultants. Only 2 years are kept in the database.

As for closed ones, in this case, they mean applications for specific specialties. The applicant in the application indicates a specific vacancy for which he or she is going to apply. If he is interested in the personnel department, then he or she will be offered an interview.

united nations careers

The internship at the UN

Recently, a new training program for young professionals has opened in the UN. To participate in it, you should also send an application and go through an interview. Preparation is free of charge. The UN competition for this program is very large but worth it. The nature and scope of the intern are determined by its leader. Most often, several young specialists are assigned to one curator. Under the guidance of a UN representative, trainees must complete tasks related to the preparation and implementation of projects.

High computer skills are required. We are talking about the most popular applications and browsers. Knowledge of IT – technology is welcome.

An internship at this UN commission implies full employment. Therefore, interns should not combine it with other work or study. The internship at the UN is free of charge. This is just an opportunity to declare yourself as a qualified and responsible specialist. If at the end of the internship, the leader likes the intern, he or she will be offered a contract, otherwise, the collaboration will be terminated. In the second case, it will be possible only on a voluntary basis.

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